Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner |Nitty Gritty Review

Hi! Now, to shake things up a bit and take a break from the food posts, I'll be giving you guys my opinion on one of the makeup I got from Althea, the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner. :)

korean beauty review-7381

The Nitty Gritty (as taken from Tony Moly Philippines site):

  1.  Fits to the eyes gently to create vivid eye look

  2. Gel eyeliner that wont smudged for hours with powerful waterproof effect

  3. Built in exclusive brush

It should be noted that this is my very FIRST gel eyeliner, and so I have no (okay a little bit) idea what to expect with this little pot... And that I have 2 shades, the Black and Brown. :)

Packaging and Price:

korean beauty review-7363

This gel eyeliner is housed in a glass pot with a brush, and I'm loving the simple and travel friendly packaging. It's little, thus perfect for one's beauty kit, and the brush is perfect- not too stiff and not too scratchy to help create fine lines just like the liquid eyeliner. This is priced at Php 548.00 at Tony Moly stores and the official site, but if you'll get it from Althea, you can get it for as low as Php 290.00, and I think this is because they get it directly from korea. :)

Swatches and Longevity:

The photos below show how intense or how light this gel eyeliner can be, depending on how much product you're willing to put in. Also, the brush is perfect for creating fine lines, it really would depend on how you'll hold the brush though.

korean beauty review-7383

The gel eyeliner is very creamy and easy to glide onto the lids, and I didn't experience any tugging so it's another plus!

korean beauty review-7385

The Water Test- I took this after the eyeliner has dried (took around a minute or two) and ran some water on it from the faucet. Pretty water resistant yes?

korean beauty review-7387

In this photo I smudged it very lightly with my fingers, and it didn't budge. But when I rubbed it hard, well, the results are in the photo below. :)

korean beauty review-7388

When it comes to the longevity though, it's so-so. I don't have very oily lids, but for some reason, this thing fades after around 3-4 hours of wear time, considering the humid and now scorching hot weather here in Manila, PH... Hmm, maybe it's the sweat that's making it fade? hahaha!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMG_3987 The Tony Moly Backstage Gel eyeliner in action :3[/caption]

Overall, I give this eyeliner 4 out of 5 flicks, and I'd still purchase this when I run out, because of the creamy consistency and how it applies on the eyes. The only thing that I didn't like about it is longevity, and how I have to reapply in the middle of the day. Do you think a great eyelid primer will help me with this issue? Please let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Wow! I love your review in this eyeliner. Will find this soon xx

  2. Nice! I'm already into my third Althea box and to be honest with you I also got this one since you and the others did so it must be good. I've heard that it takes a long time for it to dry. I think I'm gonna enjoy this too.

  3. This eyeliner is kinda inconsistent with drying time because the black one is kinda quick dry and the brown takes a bit longer.. :)

  4. I've been avoiding eyeliners because no matter what brand I use, they smudge. I'll give Tony Moly I try. Hopefully I'll get lucky his time.

  5. Maybe using an eyelid primer will help with your dilemma? :)

  6. I love the fact that it comes in a brown shade as well. The packaging of the Tony Moly Backstage gel eyeliner was weird for me at first since Maybelline's gel eyeliner jar and brush are two separate pieces from each other while this one isn't.