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Hi! So around last Wednesday, I received a package from McDell Healthcare products, for me to try out. I am very excited as they are sent for me to review. May ganun na noh? :D Don't worry though cause I will still stay the same for how I review products- sent or not, opinions are still entirely my own and I won't leave anything out. :D So let's get started yes?

The product that I'll be reviewing today is all about the Farmstay All in One Snail BB Cream, which is distributed solely by McDell Healthcare Products and comes all the way from Korea. To know more about what Farmstay is and what wonders snail slime can bring, check out this link.

Nitty Gritty (as taken from the site):

FarmStay BB Cream-7347

Coverage, Finish and Swatches: 

This bb cream is designed to repair the skin with the help of snail slime, protect the skin from the sun with it's SPF35 PA++, cover up the pores and fine lines and give a dewy youthful glow to the skin.

FarmStay BB Cream-7402

It has only one skin tone though, and I'm pretty sure that it will fit most fair to medium skin tones. Not sure with the darker ones though...

FarmStay BB Cream-7405
 Here it is as blended.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMG_7413 With BB Cream / Without BB Cream[/caption]

And here it is on the left side of one half of my face. As you can see, this BB Cream has sheer coverage and from my experience- it's not buildable, although it did even out my skin tone and made me a bit fairer than usual. :) It is also very easily absorbed by the skin, non sticky unlike other BB Creams that I tried and also gives just the right amount of "glow". Also, BB Creams are great for the summer as it gives sun protection and also serves as a lightweight base instead of a heavy foundation coverage. :)

I used this BB cream for 4-5 days straight, and tested it out on commute and an air con place. For the hot commute, without setting this it can melt off in around 3 hours, so I really recommend setting it properly with powder. I usually use the W.Lab Sebum Out Pact or the Diamond Puff pressed powder (product from japan :D ).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Farmstay BB Cream Farmstay BB Cream set with W.Lab Sebum Out Pact and brows done. :)[/caption]

Once properly set, this can give your skin a natural look. You know, the one where it doesn't even look like you have foundation on but you have an even skintone? Yeah, that one. I can say that it did deliver on it's claims of dewy youthful skin and it is a great protection against sun damage, but for the coverage of fine lines and pores it kinda acted more like a primer in that aspect cause this BB Cream as I said has sheer coverage.

Price and Where to Buy:

This sells for 500 Pesos on the McDell Online Shop, or you can get other Farmstay beauty products at BeautyMNL... :)

Overall + Tips and Tricks:

It is something that is worth repurchasing for me, as this is a perfect buy for the summer season with the lightweight feeling it brings and the sun protection. It gives a semi dewy glow to the skin and with just a few swipes of a colored pressed powder or a setting powder you can get that natural "no makeup" makeup look. And if you're concerned with the dark undereyes like me, you can just layer on a light concealer/foundation to help with that.

Another use for this bb cream is to be a stand in for your moisturizer/primer before foundation, as it helps with the evening of the pores and fine lines, and it didn't give me a white cast (flash photography) when I layered it on with my L' Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation.

Also, it's better to use a sponge/beauty blender for an even finish, because from my experience, this looks a bit splotchy when used with fingers only.




  1. The snail beauty trend is really booming. They actually finally made a Snail BB-Cream, not that I'm looking forward to it though. I just sort of anticipated it when I went to Korea last year. Anyway, I found the packaging pretty cool. If I'm just not really picky about the cosmetics I use and I'm not very particular about my dark eye circles, I would probably try this right away. And I totally agree with you that we need sun protection. Thanks for sharing. -Me-An

  2. It can brighten up the skin in a snap, so I think this is still ok to use! Kinda like an under eye highlight? :D

  3. Thanks for this review , I heard a lot about snail slime products recently , sounds a bit ... aaaarggg , but seems to be really brilliant ! I have never heard about ' Farmstay ' , will certainly go on the search , I hope I can find it here in Spain .Your reviews are really fantastic ,thank you for sharing !

  4. Eventhough Im not a bb cream user, based on your photos and review I think this one is good and having a moisturizer makes it even better. Will recommend it to my friends for them to try out :)

  5. I have tried several Farmstay Snail Slime products and the one that I'm currently using is their UV cream I use it as a foundation. I might give this product a try, as the one that I'm using is a bit sticky. Thanks for the review! :)

  6. curated1ifestudio3 April 2016 at 04:24

    I was so excited to read your review and insights of this BB cream! I've been a fan for k-beauty only recently but I've been looking for a good replacement for my daily foundation! This seems to be the trick!

    Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  7. This seems like a perfect summer product. i love BB creams because they're not as heavy as foundation (although there are some pretty light foundations, but i still like BB creams more) and the fact that it has a sun protection is a huge plus for me. And the design is amazing, i LOVE artsy packaging,

  8. I have zero make up knowledge and my stash is always just filled with the basics. BB cream is one of the things that I religiously use though. I have to admit you had me at the pretty packaging, but I actually really like that it's lightweight. You also had me when you said you can use it along with a concealer for under eye coverage. Hahaha. I do that with my current BB cream, but it doesn't really seem to make much of a difference, so I'll definitely try this. At 500 bucks, how can you lose right? :)

  9. I have heard of BB creams recently. But wasn't actually sure about using it. But after reading this product review I think that BB cream is going to be my partner soon. UV protection is an extra package that will force me to use this. Thank you!

  10. not necessarily concealer, Pia, but more of an undereye highlight which will help lessen the dark undereye circles when you add in your foundation on top :)

  11. Nooraisyah Zamri9 August 2016 at 09:00

    I already use the bb cream, when i use that im not apply compact powder, very ok look natural and glowing, normally when i use other bb cream my face became oily. But this bb cream good for my skin, and im interested your review.