The NIX Stop: Scrumptious Dishes at Midas Cafe Buffet

I love a good buffet. And now, thanks to a foodie meet up by Zomato, I've found a gem to treasure here in Pasay- Midas Cafe, situated at the second floor of Midas Hotel and Casino in 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Libertad, Pasay City...


Ambiance wise, I feel that this place is great for family bonding, especially on sundays, and also semi casual romantic dates. The ambiance is very light, and it's also easy on the eyes, with the minimalist approach to their design. But enough about that, what really matters is the food, so let me give you a tour of the buffet.. ;)


They have almost all stations possible covered, from fruit and salad station, to appetizers...

The best way to "attack" a buffet, from my experience is to first take a little bit of everything, especially those that you haven't tried out yet. A buffet is the chance for you to take a risk on eating a certain dish without the fallouts of not liking it afterwards, as you can always get another dish that you'll like later. :)



The noodle station is great, as you can customize your noodles according to your preference, unlike in other buffets where they are already pre-made. :)


The really sexy and very delicious Carving Station. The star of this stage: Beef Prime Ribs. The taste of this is quite awesome, as it is well seasoned and direct to the point, the flavor of the beef being the main star of the show instead of the different rubs that are used with this. I went a couple of times, and had I not been almost full when I tried this out, I may have gone on and on and just ate this for the whole meal. :)


They also have various kebabs and bbqs, from pork to seafood...


Here are fresh seafood ready to be grilled for your tummy's happiness :)


My favorite station whenever I find myself in a buffet- the Japanese Station, where you can eat sushi and sashimi to your heart's content. Midas Cafe's sushi and sashimi are given the same care as their Yanagi resto, so if you're up for that authentic japanese stuff, this station is for you. :)



Bread and cheese station. I stop by and get a couple of things here to help get rid of the "umay" taste after eating a lot of meats in a buffet... Another food to help with that would be salads and veggie dishes.. :)



I have to commend on Midas Cafe for their attention to detail, especially for the desserts. You're sure to get at least one of everything, even the halo halo just because they look too good to eat! :)




How cute is that chocolate butterfly eh? :3


Candies and cookies are also up for your kids to enjoy!

And after all that, here are more food photos, just to let you take a peek of what got into my plate and my very happy tummy!



Yes, you can ask the chefs there to cook the seafood and porks in almost any way you'll like- not just grilled but they can also accommodate baked with cheese on top ;)



My first time to try out a Mongolian stir-fry :)



More desserts for the sweet tooth! :)


Halo Halo to beat the summer heat!

Midas Cafe buffet prices range from 1842 Php to 2088 Php for lunch and dinner respectively. Although it's a bit pricey, they make up for it with the truly authentic Japanese and Asian food varieties that they have, and that Desserts and Carving station is so worth the splurge.


Midas Cafe

Midas Hotel and Casino in 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Libertad, Pasay City

Mon-Sun |6AM-10AM; 11:30AM-2:30PM; 6PM-10:30PM

IG: @midashotelandcasino

Facebook Page



  1. That chunk of beef prime ribs looks delish! Same with the other dishes in your photos. I wonder how you will compare it to other lower-priced buffets? P1800+ seems too pricey considering that you have other options offering lower rates.

  2. Lady Anne Louise Barrun21 March 2016 at 12:34

    Their food looks mouthwatering. Me and my friends love buffet and I will add this to our options if we are going to look for a place to eat.

  3. To other buffets, I'd say the winner here is the desserts( which is very extensive) and the japanese station, cause the sushi and sashimi are perfection. Also, they can serve your "grilled items" in any way you want, like for my fresh tahong instead of having it just grilled in other buffets, they can accommodate it to be baked with melted cheese on top. :)

    Plus that prime ribs is PRIME. ;)