Coughs? Dapat, Sigurado Ka! | Pambatang Solmux and Unilab Plant Tour

When I was young and I had a bout of coughs, it would usually go on and on for 2 to 3 weeks. Why? Cause matigas ang ulo ko and nilulunok ko yung plema na ineexpel ng katawan ko. EEEEWWW, I know. Looking back, I realized a couple of things that my mom would give me to make the coughs go away faster: A warm glass of Calamansi juice and Pambatang Solmux.

Pambatang Solmux has been with us for as long as I can remember(and probably even longer cause I'm only 23), and I know that all of my titas, my mom, kapitbahays and lolas at one time or another gave this to their kids to combat Coughs. Subok na ang Pambatang Solmux noon pa, as it's been tried and tested by most moms everywhere including myself for my own kids.


Now, I can confirm na talagang Sigurado ka with Pambatang Solmux, and take note, may ebidensya po ako! Why? Because I had the chance to take a look inside the Unilab Plant a few days ago with their Mom's Day Out Plant Tour. :)



We got to see the inside of their Solids and Liquids plant, at Amherst Laboratories. The medicine that they make there are of International quality as they are EU-GMP Certified. Also, Unilab has continuously provided Filipinos with trusted and quality healthcare products and services for the past 70 years. Being a Filipino company, it prides itself for knowing what is best for the Filipinos’ healthcare needs.




The Amherst Laboratory is where a mom's best tandem Pambatang Solmux is made. This laboratory really set the standard for the next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the country, as everything is very sanitized, with air lock doors, curved corners for the walls so as to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt, and the strict sanitation procedure that they have for us visitors.


And yes, that would explain the "Dr. House" OOTD that I have, complete with plastic covering for my shoes.

With that here are my top 4 reasons why I, and a lot of moms, give Pambatang Solmux to their kids when they have coughs:

  • Pambatang Solmux has both bacterial and viral expel action which helps kill and expel viruses and bacteria that cause cough with phlegm. Also, it is made with using TasteRiteTM technology which means we won’t have a hard time in making our children take their medicine.

  • Pambatang Solmux contains 200mg of medicine per 5ml vs. other cough medicines which only contain 100mg of medicine per 5ml. This only means your child just need to take less medicine.

  • Pambantang Solmux was proven effective even before, and it's a mom’s best tandem dahil #SiguradoKa.

Unilab’s “Trusted Quality Healthcare” is more than just a tagline. It is what makes Unilab different from all other health and wellness companies. It is our corporate promise to all Filipinos to provide quality healthcare products and services that promote and enrich life.  
We see to it that every step we take ensures that the promise is kept. Our commitment is to produce only quality products and services that are affordable and accessible to all, so that every Filipino is cared for the way he should be.

If you want to know more about Unilab and its products, you can also get in touch with them via or its Customer Care Hotline 858-1000 local 8088

Unilab Facebook Page




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