DALEEcious Dishes and Easy Duck Recipes are now in the Philippines with Duck Day Manila 2019

Last Sept. 10, 2019, #DUCKDayManila2019 happened! And if you are not familliar with duck, you may have eaten it's younger cousin in your past- the Balut.


Yeah, and while the egg is really good, the meat is even better. With Donny's Fresh Seafood Company, together with the BR Group of companies, are set to launch Dalee duck in the Philippines in celebration of the first ever Duck Day Manila! Dalee ducks are known for their consistently high and tender quality and it’s now time for Filipinos to get a taste of its exquisitely delicious meat.

 I was there at Conrad Manila to try and see what else can duck taste like aside from the usual "Pecking Duck" we can get at chinese restaurants. I never thought that we can create new and yummy things with duck meat, but the 4 Pinoy Celebrity Chefs present were more than willing to open us up to a whole new world of tastes. Here are my favorites from the event:

Duck Salad with Smoked Duck and Pastrami Duck by Chef Williment Leong

The salad consisted of Dalee's Smoked Duck and Pastrami Duck. I really loved the fact that Dalee's ducks don't have that gamey aftertaste that I usually smell and taste with a normal restaurant pecking duck. Chef Williment Leong's take on this got me thinking on making my own version of a duck salad. It sounds fancy but it can actually be affordable with Donny's Fresh Seafood Company and the BR Group of Companies bringing in Dalee Ducks in our groceries :D


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Duck Adobo By Chef Gene Gonzalez 

This was one of the greatest revelations for me. Beside the fact that he used a different medium to bring out the caramelization of the duck. Instead of Soy Sauce, he opted for the kapampangan way which is with Fish sauce and Vinegar and garlic. A perfect mix of old and new for me as we are usually familiar with only chicken or pork Adobo.

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I also loved the Duck Katsu that was prepared. It tastes richer and leaner than chicken but not as fatty as a pork katsu. These dishes are so inspiring for me because there are times when you sometimes get tired of eating pork, chicken or beef at some point and duck is a nice way to change the pace for a bit.

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L-R: Chef Williment Leong, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Sir Donny Yeung of Donny's Choice Fresh Seafood, Joseph Suchaovanich of Bangkok Ranch Public company Limited, Chef Choi, Chef Boy Logro
Ultimately, the event aims to make September 10 as National Duck Day in the Philippines with the official declaration of Office of the President and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). BR Group and Donny’s Choice will also sponsor the Itik Festival in Victoria, Laguna and Balut Festival in Pateros, Manila.

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