Discover Las Pinas : A Lifestyle Gateway to the Metro or the South

I've been living in Las Pinas for almost 8 years now, and I actually discovered more than just the dreaded traffic around this area. I am personally now in love with the city because with its current and future developments, I can see it as a Lifestyle Gateway to Metro Manila or The South. And while before I did not even know what is here, I think after reading my adventures you're gonna want to live here too!
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Where to go around Las Pinas?

The history of Las Pinas City is deeply embeded in the church below. It is said that the place was called "Las Penas" or "The Rocks". The place was evident by the quarrying of stones and adobe, which were used to construct buildings and bridges.

Bamboo Organ Church Las Pinas

This church is iconic because it is the only church in Asia that has a working century old bamboo organ. The Church itself was made of abode or volcanic stones and and founded in the 19th century, specifically 1819s.

What makes it historic is the organ inside the church. Most of the pipes of said organ is entirely made out of bamboo which was abundant at the time. Built by Fr. Diego Cera, it took him up to 8 years to finish the organ.

The old church bell, from St. Joseph Parish Church, founded by Diego Cera, has been preserved inside the church museum. An inscription on the bell states, "Siendo cura del pueblo de Laspeñas el M.R.P. Padre Diego Cera se fundió este equilón año de 1820," showing that even during the time of Diego Cera, the town's first parish priest, the town was called "Las Peñas", for some time, and eventually was renamed "Las Piñas". - From wikipedia on Las Pinas


Its neighboring Old Convento Antillan House serves as the entrance to the museum, their souvenir shop and the Parish Adoration Chapel. You can have a tour with a free tour guide and you will be given 2 Bamboo Organ Church postcards for a fee of 100 Pesos per person.


Shop around in All Day Supermarket/ All Home

This market found along C-5 Extension has some of the freshest variety of veggies and fruits available vs other markets in the area. I also love that you can also find a pizzeria at the second floor, complete with a very instagrammable dining area. There's also a bakery inside incidentally called "Bake My Day" which has some of the most affordable, interesting and yummy bread that you can find.





If you find yourself hungry or if you want to spend some time with the family and dine, they also have a "Paluto" Section inside the grocery itself where they pride on fresh seafood and meats. You cann have them cooked anyway you want onsite for a minimum fee.


Take a break in Momento Coffee Bar

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There's a cafe right across the street of Bamboo Organ Church if you get hungry while on tour. They serve coffee, milk tea, pastries and sandwiches to name a few. I frequent their milk tea as they use a different, more robust yet floral tea from Indonesia and their cheesecake is really good. I've got a review on Momento Coffee Bar here.

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Sarao Motors


Sarao Motors, Inc. is one of the best Filipino Jeep producing companies, located in Brgy. Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas City. It is named Sarao because it was the last name of the one who established said company. Much like how Ford got its name.

The Jeepney is a lovechild of Filipino ingenuity. It is quite a popular mode of commute here because of it's affordability. Riding a jeepney will also give you a grasp on some of the filipino cultures like bayanihan, as people usually help each other to give their fare to the driver by passing it along.

IMG_8883 You will know that it is made by "Sarao" if you see a mini horse in the front of the jeep. You will also find some air conditioned jeepney in the works inside the premises as the government is pushing for the modernization of this beloved public transport system.


Addressing the Traffic Problem

Las Pinas being a short distance away from Manila, Paranaque, Muntinlupa, and Bacoor, Cavite is what made it a prime area for the next LRT Stations that is currently being built. I feel that once the trains have arrived, commuting to and fro to where you need to go is gonna be easier and there will definitely be less traffic.

Building your lifestyle with The Hermosa COHO

I've been living in Las Pinas for a while now and I can definitely say that I have the best of all worlds here as everything is accessible. You have your hospitals, schools, lifestyle hubs in and out of BF Villages. You have an upcoming solution to the well known "traffic problems" with the government building alternate routes that can encompass going to manila, makati, and even BGC. I'm also quite near the Airport so delayed flights are a rare problem for me as it is a literal 10 to 15 minute drive even with the traffic.


I myself want to buy a property in Las Pinas, and Vistaland's latest Mid Rise Condo project, The Hermosa COHO (Condo Home) is quite a contender as you get the perks of living in a stylish and high quality condominium without the stresses of being thrown out into a really busy road out.
A Mid Rise Condo would mean that turn over is pretty quick in around 3 years. They are offering 30SQM and 40SQM units that have one and two bedrooms respectively, and I can say that it is even larger but more affordable than some of the mid rise condominiums that you can find selling around the area. It's also perfect cause they are on pre selling right now so you can get your unit for as low as 10,000 pesos monthly on a two year down payment.


CoHo aims to let everyone living in it discover their own version of a beautiful lifestyle. Buying a unit in CoHo means you're actually getting more than your space- you're getting the whole extensions from co working spaces in exquisite coffee shops that are just below your unit. Quality cinemas, Groceries and utilities are not to be fussed as they are a couple of minutes walk away from you. Schools and hospitals are also really near.
COHO projects are all situated in a really prime location and getting one is a pretty great investment. You can have it rented or leased while still on a bank loan, which means the unit is basically paying for itself in the long run. It is also a stable business as there will always be people who will be in need of a home with everything at an arm's reach- even their work.

And coming from someone who has seen a family make a business out of condominiums, I'd definitely say go get your COHO Lifestyle today.

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  1. How ironic! That's just about the same number of years since we've left Las Pinas and decided to live in Makati/BGC area, haha! I grew up in Las Pinas, studied at St. Joseph's Academy where the bamboo organ is, and in High School, I was friends with the granddaughter of the Sarao owner, hehe. Small world. Las Pinas will always have a place in my heart.

  2. HHmmm... some venues worth visiting! Thanks for sharing.