Tastiest Filipino Spanish Mexican FUSION of them all at Fiesta Alamexo by Fiery Style

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Filipino dishes are basically a mix of different cultures' worth of palettes. It is so obvious in our favorite dessert- Halo Halo. And so this Fil-Mex-Spanish Fusion restaurant that I went to last week is perfect for our bonding moments with friends and family, or if you just want to have comfort food.

Fiesta Alamexo (by Fierystyle) is the best place to unwind with family and friends over at Edsa Shangrila Mall. You have your favorite "Pinoy" dishes and you also have a sprinkling of Mexican and Spanish fusion tastes in the mix. 

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The Place

Fiesta Alamexo Shang ambiance 1 The place has a very homey and spanish influenced theme, with beautiful separators for benches and a hanging garden feel on the inside. It is on the 6th floor, near Itallianis when you search for Fiesta Alamexo in Shangrila's Maps.

The Food

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The Steak Ala Familia (Php 998) is my favorite dish here in Fiesta Alamexo. They do steaks right and on point, with the maximum doneness at a Medium Well. And while this steak dish is for sharing, I do think I can finish this in one sitting, because it was so tender, soft and well seasoned.

Go for the Steaks at Fiesta Alamexo cause they do it Right and Tender!

Definitely go for this and partner it with the Mexican Cheese Quesadilla (Php 378). The quesadillas here are definitely better and more affordable than the ones you can get at Taco Bell cause you get more than double the quantity at 10 triangles of cheesy goodness and a better quality here. The quesadillas also come with your choice of salsa, some guacamole and sour cream.

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The Fiesta Nachos have an impressive presentation, which displays itself as a nacho tower after being removed from the stacking mold. It has colored corn chips, some cheese, tomatoes and jalapenos with possibly some veggie meat or lentils. Now if only this had more cheese then I would be very happy, but for what we got, it was alright.

Fiesta Alamexo Shang Chabelita

Fiesta Alamexo also serves family meal deals which they call KuBoodle del Barrio. This is perfect for families and those who would love to share with friends. The one above is a KuBoodle y Chabelita (Php 1888) which is focused on the putok batok seafood type of dishes like Garlic Buttered Crabs and shrimps, some spicy baked scallops, Sinampalukang Manok, deep fried fish fillet topped with salsa.

My personal favorite in this dish is the buttered crabs, which are really meaty and full inside!

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They've got Chicharon Bulaklak with chips and salsa (Php 328)  to partner up with your drinks , and these ones are really crispy.

Below you have their skewered meats such as Cayenne Pork Intestine (Php 358) on top and Chipotle Cajun Chicken (Php 998). They are also perfect hits with any drink you might have here at Fiesta Alamexo. And while I am not an expert on pork intestines, it was gone in a flash on our table so that's a really tasty testament!

hanging skewers pork intestine

The Fiery burgers are also a nice alternative if you want something not too on point tex mex. I really loved the side dish Cajun Fries.

Fiesta Alamexo Shang (drinks)

Fiesta Alamexo has a LOT of drink selections. Choose from the safe ones like Iced Teas, Sodas, Sago and Gulaman and the virgin Mojito above, or go a little crazy with some Mexican Coffee (that has a shot of tequila, some kahula and coffee topped with whipped cream at Php 178), this really smooth Mint Mojito (Bottomless Glass at 158 Php) to their crazy tequila laced sherberts that they call Fiesta Curacha (Bottomless drinks at 278 Php) below

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Strawberry Curacha

I also love their desserts, especially the Banana Fritters below which I think has a sprinkling of cinnamon inside. And of course I am nuts for most cheesecakes and their Cheese and Coconut Cheesecake may sound nutty but it is also insanely good.

Fiesta Alamexo Shang (dessert collage)
I do hope that you give Fiesta Alamexo a try when you are around Edsa Shangrila. It's got some pretty great hits for mexican and filipino food and if you want steak that is great and also affordable, give them a try!

Fiesta Alamexo by Fierystyle

6th Floor, Edsa Shangrila Mall

Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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