Sharp Philippines gives Better Solutions for a Better Life with their latest Home, Health and Beauty appliances

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Sharp Philippines dishes out more exciting home solutions for us Filipinos. The products last July were invested in the 8K Technology and more, this time, they are focused on their AIoT technology, plus a couple of surprises along the way.

Their AIoT Technology (Artificial Intelligence of things) lets one experience the full capabilities of Sharp appliances via the internet. As long as you have your appliances connected to the interwebs, you can control your aircons, tvs, washing machines and more via smartphone- even if you are outside your home! The possibilities are endless, and you can be sure that the time you are actually stuck in traffic, you can also have your home cool enough, have your laundry done or have a home cooked meal ready for you when you get home.

For a Filipino's clean and comfortable home solution, they featured these washing machines which have their jet wash technology, one with a fully automated top load with a plastic body to minimise rusting and another with their Direct Drive Motor inverter which will definitely ease the load of our laundry days.
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Added to that are their air conditioners with AIoT J Tech Inverter technology, which helps save some cash from our daily electricity consumption.

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We also have the Plasmacluster mite catchers, Ractive Air Vaccum Cleaner and a personal favorite of those who have asthmatic tendencies like Giselle Sanchez's family: the Air Purifier/Cleaner injected with SHARP's original Plasmacluster Ion Technology. This Air Purifier grabs the bad micro organisms with the said Plasmacluster Ion tech and refreshes the air you breathe.

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PS: That ractive Air Vaccum is honestly the lightest and most efficient vaccum that I have seen!

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Sharp Introduced the Aquos 8K last July, and now they feature the AIoT Technology into their Full HD and 4K HDR Android Televisions. These TV sets are Google Assistant ready, letting the user interact with their devices hands free! This new line of Android TVs also has features like:

  • Pre installed apps like Netflix is now at your fingertips 
  • Comfort Mode, a special AV Mode which reduces the blue light to 50%
  • Advanced Bluetooth which allows the user to connect the TV to their external Bluetooth Speakers

This is best enjoyed though with the Aquos Sound Partner AN-SX7A (to the side of the TV above) which is compatible with a wide variety of devices and is extremely portable- without the pain from using actual earbuds which get our ears cramping after a couple of hours of use.

Healthy home solutions with Sharp Philippines

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Sharp Philippines also has something more to offer aside their fridges for the kitchen. The highlight of the event last week is the Healsio series, specifically the Healsio Hotcook which was demonstrated to us.

Said Healsio Hotcook is using Japan Technology which makes healthy cooking possible by having the natural moisture and original flavor of the ingredients is retained along with their corresponding nutritional values- something which usually gets lost with conventional cooking.

You just POP the lid, DROP your ingredients, LOCK the pot and let the automatic control and various cooking programs of the Healsio Hotcook do the job for you! 

I got a taste of the Amatriciana Spaghetti that they cooked via the Healsio and it is so delicious! I also love that it used less oil but is popping in flavor.

You can get your own Healsio Hotcook or give it as a gift to your wife or your bachelor friend who don't know how to cook for this Christmas! Get it at any Appliance store for only 27,998 Php :D

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Sharp Philippines is also expanding their horizons with these new beauty appliances that are now available on the market today. The Beauty A series is composed of:

Hair Dryer
Hair Iron
Scalp Massager
Curling Iron

All these have the Plasmacluster Ion Technology which helps reduce dirt, static and hair damage.

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And of course, they also have something new for their business solutions line up- with their Dynabook Laptops, promising durability and and with the hardware that can cater to the corporate sector. They collaborated with Tosiba with the displays, sensors and other aspects of the improved Dynabook, and gave us these thin, sleek designed laptops with a long lasting battery with a rating of MIL-STD-810G for utmost Durability

All these are perfect christmas gifts that not only one can enjoy, but your whole family too! Check out their facebook page and instagram account for more info!

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  1. I'm such a tita already. All of these got me all excited even when i dont exactly have the money to buy them. I could only dream of a house filled with smart technology. I'm sure we'll get there. Haha