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Vikings + fusion concert

Last January 30th, I got to channel my inner Astrid and headed to BF Parañaque to get a taste of Vikings Buffet. The place is hustling and bustling with people, all excited cause finally, Vikings has come to a nearer place for the southeners.


They have breads and different cheeses on one side of this station, and out of this country appetizers in another.


The look of the place is very classy and yet it also reminds me of the color scheme you see in Berk... You know, from the movie How To Train a Dragon... :D There's also an alfresco dining place which Pichi and I got cause the weather is nice and slightly windy(just the way I like it) , and here you can enjoy the scenery of the city and maybe even have a bit of a smoke.

Vikings + fusion concert

And of course THE FOOD!!! They have covered almost all cuisines of the world, from Asian, to European, American, and even those cuisines from the Arabian countries.



Vikings + fusion concert

Nacho Station!





You also have your fresh seafood here, ready to be grilled!

And speaking of seafood, here are Viking's selection of sushi and sashimi!

Vikings + fusion concert

Vikings + fusion concert

Vikings + fusion concert

Vikings + fusion concert

Here's Viking's signature Sushi Roll..



Vikings + fusion concert
Leg of lamb and tender beef anybody?


That Belly-Chon has some seriously KRRRIISPY skin. I can attest to that. :D

And here's what they have for dessert...


A halo halo station..

Vikings + fusion concert

Different cake slices like cheesecake, red velvet, coffee jelly shooters, fruits(at the bottom) and many more!


You can also have a big slice of cake if you're up to it :D


Feeling a bit more closer to home? Those sapin sapin and Pichi Pichi looks so good to eat!


An eat all you can candy and fondue selection; every kid's dream come to life. :D


I wanted to be a bit more adventurous than usual so what I got are those food that are unknown by my tastebuds... And boy was every bite worth it!

Here's what's on my plate:


Clockwise starting from the one on the stick is a Kebab stick that's infused with arabian spices and some curry that gives it a bit more edge to the taste. The meat is perfectly tender and moist.

Vikings + fusion concert

Yep, that's a pizza slice, and instead of going for the usual red sauce I went for the white sauce+lots of cheese, ham and bacon. So yummy and is also full of flavor from the herbs used with this dish.

The next is a few slices of the leg of lamb, and it is tender, well seasoned and so flavorful from the herbs that are used (I can taste a hint of rosemary and thyme in the mix) and also it's not gamey, therefore it didn't really need the mint jelly that they have. Kinda reminds me of the lamb that I tasted in Fratini's.

The onion rings are your usual white onion that's breaded and fried to perfection, and next one after that are some herbed veggies in butter. I got them cause I needed that cleansing palette and to better taste the food that's to come.

Next up is that Belly-Chon I was telling you about. You don't really need any sauce/gravy for this as it already is oozing with that yummy porky flavor. And that skin is so crispy good!

The next meaty slice after that is the Vietnamese Pork Belly, which got me going inside for another round cause I loved the sweet and savory flavor that it has, probably due to the different spices used. You can tell it's Asian cause it has that distinct savory taste that we all know all and love.

Vikings + fusion concert

Time to eat some sushi.. heheh! Vikings have added some serious twists to some sushi like Mt. Fuji (the one below the sashimi) that has grated Parmesan on top and the Tempura sushi which is basically sushi deep fried I guess for that crispy texture outside and the sweet sushi taste inside. :D

Vikings + fusion concert

And here is pichi's all meat platter, consisting of the US Beef I pictured earlier, slices of Leg of lamb, a couple of sticks of the kebab, a few slices of the Vietnamese Pork Belly, Belly-Chon and Roasted Chicken :D


For dessert we had a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting on top, Meringue topped with Cherry slices and inside is filled with tarty Strawberry (very yummy and quite balanced in taste for a dessert), a cup of Leche Flan, Coffee Jelly and Mocha Mousse.

For drinks they also have a wide variety up for you guys, from different fruit juices, to sodas, sago at gulaman(which I got), beer and you can also order wine(added price).

Vikings does not just have the food to boast, it's waiters, chefs and other staff are very friendly and accommodating as well. And for a price of  Php 688.00 per adult paying customer for a lunch buffet, I'd say that it's so sulit with the wide array of food up for grabs!

Vikings + fusion concert
Vikings wide selection of wines and my OOTD for the Fusion Concert later on. :D

Vikings + fusion concert
Thanks Ms. Raquel! :D

Check out their price for weekends and dinner buffets at the website below.
Vikings Buffet Restaurant (BF Parañaque)

2nd Floor, SM City BF, Dr. A. Santos Ave. Parañaque City

10 AM-9PM / Mon - Sun


  1. Ohhh it's na sa SM BF! :D We'll go here next time! Thanks for sharing your experience ;)

  2. Woaahhh... So much food! I wants some of those Meringue!! :P I wish they have a larger selection of cheeses though. :P But it will be a while before I get to do any buffet since I'm dieting. Huhuhu

  3. next time sama mo ko :D inngit much! nagutom ako hahahha

  4. We're celebrating our 12th year anniversary next month. I'm thinking of celebrating at Vikings with the hubby and the kids. :)

  5. Nakakagutom. Hehehe. Grabe Vikings ah. Dati you have to go to MOA pa for that. Ngayon, North to SOuth meron ng branches :)

  6. salivatinggg, love their carving station!

  7. Haaaaay, nakakagutom naman tong post mo. :D

  8. Looks so yummy! I haven't tried Vikings yet, and will definitely want to try after this.

  9. Oh em gee I miss eating at Vikings tuloy! Here at Vikings in Davao, my favorite station was the make-your-own-froyo one. Enjoy!

  10. Vikings is really the place to go to when it comes to buffets. I love the ambience of their new branches.

  11. Meat carving station and dessert station!! Heavenly :)

  12. Our family bonding sesh normally happens in buffet restaus. Masarap talaga kumain with loved-ones! My all time fave will have to be Manila Hotel's Ilang-ilang.. but Vikings is also a go to place. Your photos are really nice, by the way ;-)

  13. Thank you for the compliments! :)

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