#PerksOfABella | My Pick-Me-Up with Serenitea

Hey guys! How was your day? As for me, I just finished having a bit of family day with the kids... Me and pichi had decided that for today we'll let them play at the kid's playground/Jungle Gym in Robinsons Place Faura... And after around an hour or so of trying to keep up with our kids, we had proceeded on buying a few essentials for them as well.


Pichi had also suggested that I finally get my pick-me-up for this week, and I thought I might try to get a new milk tea flavor as a reward for doing good this week, plus I remembered that I have a discount coupon(5%) for any drink of my choice that I got from my BDJ Planner if I go to Serenitea at Robinson's Place Manila... So it was decided. :)

Unfortunately, I was too excited to get my tea that I didn't get to take a photo of the whole coupon, but here's the redeemable part of it: :3


I got the Wintermelon Flavor, and the great thing I noticed with Serenitea is that you can control the sweetness of your drink, going from full flavor to 25% of the sweetness, and you also have a wide array of choices for your floaters, but that's for another post.

I love the fact that being a BDJ Bella, I can have savings while satisfying my cravings for stuff, and as a penny pinching mom at times, it's really helpful for me. :)

There are a lot more perks of a bella than just getting discounts from buying your fave milk tea, but you'll just have to get yourself a planner and find out. You won't be disappointed. :)

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