Slidefest Philippines| Get ready for 1000 ft of PURE HAPPINESS!

You remember those times during the summer where families, maybe even yours, would come to certain places like Los Baños or Rizal or The other one in Southwoods Laguna, just to enjoy the summer heat and slide or wade in the pool?

Remember that kaba when you got yourself up the slide and your siblings or friends taunting you to just do it? How about that adrenaline rush while sliding down something so high? So worth the taunts and that little leap of courage right?
Well, I guarantee that this summer is gonna be the Best Summer Ever cause of Slidefest Philippines. Think: music, food, drinks, water balloons, water guns, and of course the biggest slip and slide ever to hit the streets of the Philippines. And have we mentioned that their slide is 1000 feet long? Yeah, that’s the length of over 3 football fields, or 3000 doughnuts. This will be a festival you will never forget.
Slidefest Philippines is a family-friendly, adrenalin pumping slip and slide water event. It is more than just a slide. It’s a festival, an experience that brings our memories of our childhood to the next level. It is 1,000 feet of pure happiness.
Slidefest will take over streets of your cities and other iconic locations, appearing and vanishing within 24 hours. One day, you’ll be sliding down the street with your friends and families. While the next day, you’ll be left with reminiscing fond memories of a truly unique experience.

How Slidefest Philippines works


Single sliders will get unlimited access to the slide... Or so they would wish. Single sliders will (obviously) get only ONE slide within their selected time session. We're gonna go out on a limb and say it straight up that we do not recommend this option unless you are the type of person who can resist eating just one piece of M&M or pringles, stop at just one slice of bacon or stand up after a 2 minute swedish massage. Yes, the slide is 1,000 feet but trust us, with the amount of fun you'll have, it will go by really fast and you'll be left craving for more.

Early bird rate: Php300

Regular rate: Php350



Wave Sliders get to enjoy the slide again and again, get some rest, talk to your friends, take some selifes and then go again within their selected 2 hour time slot.

Early bird rate: Php500

Regular rate: Php600



All day sliders are like wave sliders but on steriods. VIP's can enjoy unlimited slides for the entire 12 hours of the day and will be entitled to an express lane similar to priority boarding in an airport. You also get cool Slidefest T-shirts and 20% off the other merchandise. And to make sure that you get top priority, we are setting a limit to the amount of VIPs we will accommodate.

Early bird rate: Php1000

Regular rate: Php1200

*With priority lane and Slidefest tshirt


Registration for Slidefest Philippines



Stay tuned for the venue and date announcement! Who knows? It might be at a place near you!


Brought To You By Runtertainment, Inc.


Runtertainment, Inc. is the same team who delivered Outbreak Manila-- the zombie infested events that has been spreading since 2012, Breakout Philippines-- the country’s premier escape room game, and our latest addition called Breakout Interactive Theater-- where participants interrogate actors as they solve for their clue.


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  1. wow!!! super fun, thanks for sharing! will register for sure :)

  2. I've been seeing this promotion for days now. Me and my husband would love to goooooo!!!! I hope that the organizers would launch it here in PH before summer time comes!

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  4. My hubby will love this one :-)

  5. i can't wait for this!! I always loved going to Laguna and go on water slides. I will bug my husband to take me haha!

  6. Hello Nicole!

    I just subscribed to your fanpage because I really like your posts. Btw, this recent post of yours was actually posted already on my wall! I can't wait to share it! :)

    This 1000-ft slide will be a sure hit here in the Phils. I can't imagine the long queues just to get in the park. But I think it's worth one hell of a try! What do you think?

    Thanks for sharing!

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  10. OMGosh! This looks like so much fun! I need to tell my family about this! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This looks so much fun. I remember when I was younger, I always ask my mom if we can go to Splash Island because of the slide. Never naman kami pumunta. Haha! Hope to visit this place very soon :)

  12. Wow, this is exciting! I hope the venue will be released soon! :)