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Heya! I got another foodie gem for you guys, and this time it's located down south...

Orange Whisk :)


Yeah, at the outside, it looks kinda small but don't be fooled for it is not what it seems. It is actually very spacious inside, and is quite cozy, perfect for those family lunches or that first date. :)



We were served a lot of dishes, and by we I meant me and my blogger friends... Here are some of the dishes that really stood up to my palette:

Kani Tempura Salad: Imagine your favorite tempura, atop a bed of fresh greens and some croutons, grated Parmesan and a slightly tangy vinaigrette. A great way to start a great meal, I must say. :)


Kar-Net (Kare Kare and Bagnet): I just love this cause you can tell that it's actually pounded peanuts that they used, not those that come in sachets... A big plus is the "Bagnet" part. It's crunchy-tender and I just love it to bits, alongside it's sister dish..

Lagnet (Laing with Bagnet): Hmmm... may Lagnet ka ba? hehe just kidding. Anyways, Orange Whisk's Laing is not your usual leafy texture as it also has the fruit and the stalk of the Gabi Leaves. Hmm, slightly spicy probably due to the ginger. Ah, basta it's a laing with a diferrent personality that can be easily loved. Big Plus na yung delicious bagnet. :)

Braised Ox Tounge in Basil Mushroom Reduced cream sauce and Truffle oil: Well, as the dish suggests, it’s made of Lengua, but contrary to the usual ways, this one is very creamy, and very flavorful with all the herbs infused within the meat and is quite heavy on the palette. The best part is the lengua, cooked to perfection and not dry at all.

Kitayama Wagyu Burger Steak: Another satisfying dish. It is placed on a bed of mashed potatoes and is very flavorful. I feel I can finish two orders of this baby. :)

Garlic Portabella and Cream sauce pasta: Has bits of bacon. Yun pa lang solve na, but it also has this great infused flavors of herbs like basil and rosemary, and of course the mushrooms. My new favorite comfort food so far :)

Yellow Saffron Risotto with Salmon Belly: Yeah, I'm not much a fan of curry but I'll let this one slide as the curry is not that strong. A big plus is how the salmon was cooked as perfectly pink. :)

Orange Whisk also serves desserts and pastries, and I just love how their cheesecakes were done to perfection. Not too sweet, as any cheesecake should be cause you also have to have the right amount of tart in it. I think I'll be frequenting Orange Whisk cause of their Cheesecake.

OrangeWhisk Zomato

OrangeWhisk Zomato

They also have these Coffee buns, and boy they were not kidding. This is seriously infused with the flavor of coffee, so if you are late and don't have time to get coffee in your favorite coffeeshop, just grab one of these, it's equivalent to a cup of joe for me.

The Eclairs have the same chewey tendency as the coffee bun and is best eaten hot. It comes with different flavors too, for variety. :)

OrangeWhisk Zomato
So there we go.. I really loved this place as it serves quality dishes at affordable prices and I can't wait to drag pichi in here too. :) Check out Zomato for the menu and prices of Orange Whisk. ;)


Orange Whisk Restaurant and Patisserie

162 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Parañaque City

Mon-Thurs and Sundays: 11 AM-2 PM and 6PM-10PM

Fridays and Saturdays: 11 AM-2PM and 6PM - 2 AM

Orange Whisk Zomato Page


  1. We'll would definitely try this restaurant next time we would visit my cousins! :)

  2. Wow, everything looks so good especially the desserts and pastries! Sana we have Orange Whisk din dito!

  3. Wow! This place looks so nice! :) I'm from South and we might try it here. ;) Thanks for sharing this

  4. Love the fact that there are always new restaurant finds in BF! Hope to try this one soon!

  5. everything looks so good but most especially the salad!!!