Book Review | 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

I am always up for reading new books, but I usually am more into the genre of fiction or novels. But of course from time to time I spice my reading list with a bit of something I haven't delved into before, just for the spice of it. And this is where 7 Things Every Wife Should Know comes in the picture.


As I started this book, I had the idea that it's gonna be perfect for those who are newlyweds, or basically anybody who is a wife, be it legally or in your respective faith. Heck, even my mom who is living with my dad for say... 23 years can still learn a thing or two from this book. It focuses on how to make your marriage work, and as to what I have learned, it's not just love that can make your marriage go round, it's also trust, respect, and the other 5 things that'll be mentioned in this book. ;D

As I was going through it I felt like it has a similar feel to the Purpose Driven Life book, but instead of being life-focused, which for me is quite general, this is targeted on a more specific area of our life- how to handle being the better wife.

I'll leave a few quotes I got from the book that I really really loved.

I think being wedded for 4 years and counting, I have come to learn about some of the aspects being told in this book, but the others like the quote mentioned above, I am just realizing that now, after I became aware of it through the book.

Hope that you'll also grab a copy of this as it is a perfect gift to your friend as a bridal shower gift or birthday gift to your friends. And since Valentines is just around the corner, this is a perfect gift for husbands to your wives too...

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