Fire Proof Your Home in Five Easy Ways

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It’s inevitable for houses located in the Philippines to catch fire. Sadly, tropical countries—with their blazing temperatures—are more prone to life-threatening fires. According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, 2,103 fire incidents have been recorded in January and February 2022.

The good news is that you can protect your space from possible incidents. Whether you're house hunting or looking for ways to fire-proof your home, reducing the sources of fire can be done through these five easy steps. 

Monitor your home’s electrical system and appliances

Sometimes, a fire starts with a faulty electrical system and suspect appliances. Practice safety with plugs and other electronic devices, even when you’re storing them in your home.

If your house’s fuse box or breaker system is blowing up, there’s a chance that you’re overloading your outlet. Organize the plugs, monitor your home’s outlets, and contact an electrician should problems persist.

Meanwhile, replace suspicious appliances. Looking for hints? If your appliances make peculiar sounds, smell weird, or cause sparks, better to have them removed from your home immediately.

Install fire alarms—and have them checked regularly


A functional fire alarm lessens the risk of a fire. Have a fire or smoke alarm installed in your home’s commonly frequented areas and make sure they’re installed on the ceiling. Trust us, these devices can warn you in case a fire breaks out.

Make sure to have a fire extinguisher in your house for emergencies as well.

Invest in furniture made of fireproof material and get Insured.

Go through your house and double-check if you have stuff made of fire-proof material. If you don’t have the budget to change your furniture, make sure to keep essentials that are useful to you.

As for fire-proof material, seek advice from furniture centers when it comes to getting objects made of synthetic and wool material. Don’t forget to keep flame-resistant chemicals stored for emergencies.

If you’re looking to renovate your home, consider a fireproof design to protect your personal space. Luckily, many fire-resistant materials like concrete panels are now available in the market.

Another way to make sure that you're ready in case of fire emergencies is to get insurance for your home. There are many insurance companies nowadays that cater not just to Fire Insurance but also on other "acts of God" situations, with typhoons, earthquakes and the like.

Mind your distance

Distance matters since it can save your life. Make sure to have your lamps, light bulbs, and other light sources positioned away from things that can easily catch fire. Consider using dual-pane windows to protect your home from getting into a fire as well.

Keep emergency numbers ready

Sadly, not all homes are located near a trusted fire station in times of emergency. Make sure to have a list of contact numbers, especially your most-trusted fire department, for important incidents.
But if you’re allowed to choose, it’s a must to live in a community that has a close distance to fire stations and other important areas.  

Bonus: Get a House with Firewall Ready

Lumina Homes
Angeli Single Firewall Unit from Lumina Homes

Lumina Homes is one of the most affordable and top-selling communities that are helpful to residents—especially in times of emergency. They even have available units that have firewall installed- be it a single unit or a duplex. You can ask for their Angeli Single Firewall unit for a better idea on what they offer. The best way to prevent fires is to have these prevention measures in place before you move in. 


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