Sharp Philippines Double Celebration: Their 40th Anniversary and 10 Millionth Washing Machine Production

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Milestones are a big mark for celebration, but each of those is an accumulation of little successes of one's journey. For Sharp Philippines, their milestones coincide beautifully.

10M WM Tarp

For its 40th anniversary celebration, Sharp Philippines does a double celebration with its 10 Millionth  washing machine production. Their washing machines, among other appliances, have been proven to provide ease of comfort and is a reliable partner to every Filipino household. A lot of families and generations through the years were able to survive laundry day without calloused hands with Sharp - my own included!  



“As our Anniversary motto goes ‘We live by the people, we prosper with the  people’, we will continue to provide innovative products that will make life comfortable  and convenient” shared Sharp Philippines President and General Manager, Mr. Kazuo  Kito. Sharp believes in the capabilities of Filipinos in terms of local production. “The  Philippine market is very unique in many ways that is why Sharp continues to strengthen  and expand its local production to deliver products that are built with Japan Technology  and fits the Filipino needs and lifestyle”, added by Mr. Kito. 

Sharp started its washing machine production line in 1987 with the objective of assisting Filipinos with their everyday struggles. Humble beginnings developed into continuing to find new ways to manufacture energy efficient products. Sharp re-invented traditional washing methods with their single-tub flip top-basin washing machine cover which is now being patronized by many Filipinos.  

They're doing a double celebration for 2022, Sharp's 40th anniversary this year alongside hitting their 10 millionth mark for washing machine production. 


To celebrate, Sharp Philippines released a special edition Ruby Red washing machine model: ES-40TH85T(RD) (8.5 kg.). This model has a ruby red  colored lid cover that is unique from its current washing machine colors available in the  market. Moreover, this model also has 2 years extended warranty service.


You can also join in on the fun with  Sharp releasing their ‘Buy, Register, & Win’ promo.

The promo is open to all customers who will purchase the Ruby Red washing machine who will register their proof of purchase on the warranty section on the Sharp website. Once successfully registered, it will automatically qualify the customer in the raffle draw. 

40 luckky winners every month will be contacted and announced on Sharp’s Facebook page. The raffle promo will run from March to May 2022.  


The brand remains to be one of the top in market share for washing machines in  the Philippines and was also awarded as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ of washing machine  by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years. Sharp will continue to deliver their promise of comfort, convenience, and innovation, and is looking forward to achieving another milestone in the future together with its valued customers.

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