Celebrate Women’s Month with CAREFREE and avail discounts up to 50% off at Shopee’s Brand Spotlight


Self-care does not start and stop with skincare alone! It means taking care of the whole self, staying fresh and healthy all around. To do that, today's strong, independent woman still needs a great partner when it comes to her everyday routines. We have our trusted skincare, makeup, and work out. 


Now, when it comes to taking care of our intimate area, do you devote the same amount of attention and self-care? Since it’s a sensitive part of the body, we need to be careful with the products we use to prevent discomfort and infection. How do you decide which product is best for you when there are so many options?

Let’s continue to empower women to prioritize their feminine health by celebrating Women’s Month with CAREFREE! 

On March 9, Shopee’s Brand Spotlight will feature amazing bargains such as new exclusive launches, up to 50% off, and deals as little as P21!


Here are some products worth checking out:

Carefree Breathable Panty Liners 15s:   I use their breathable pantyliners since it feels a bit too sticky during those days leading up to my period. It helps to maintain that fresh feel. These also protect your favorite panties from sweat and light discharge. Check it here

20220309_220904-01Carefree Super Dry 15s:  The Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners is perfect for light spotting or tampon back up, and it keeps you feeling fresh and dry too. Check it here

We shouldn’t let our experience of wetness and odor down there hassle us daily. That’s why CAREFREE® is here to help you #DealWithThatEW (as in Everyday Wetness) and feel drier for longer!


Feel clean, fresh, and confident when you wear CAREFREE® Breathable Pantyliners daily to protect yourself from stains and leaks.

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