Bento Baon Day 5: Pigs, Dogs and a Flower | Mommy Madness

June 30, 2015


Jenae's baon for today is sandwiches in different shapes and flavors. I made her a blueberry jam sandwich and one with Hotdogs and Cheese in it..



I felt as if today's Bento Baon is a little bit too simple... And I find that the cookie cutters I bought from daiso is better to be used for shaping out veggies like potatoes for fries and making mini sandwiches, but if I want to make full potential of my bread/sandwiches, I really have to use those bigger or for sandwiches only types of cutters..


A closer look on the piggy mini sandwich...

I really only made a sandwich the usual way and pressed away with my cookie cutter, then added in a bit of cheese and hotdog on top for details..

Hmm... What do you guys think of this one? :)

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  1. Hi Nicole! Wish ko lang magawan ko ng bento si Geof araw araw kaso sa sobrang hectic ng sched puro mcdo happy meal sya T_T

  2. aw.. Ako naman I sometimes wish na mabigyan ko paminsan minsan ng mcdo yung kids kaso laging wla budget for that hahaha...


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