Bento Baon Day 3: Turtles | Mommy Madness

For Monday's Bento we had some left over pizza rolls from the Father's Day Celebrations we had here at home. So what I did was make a Turtle Charaben out of a hotdog pandesal sandwich, situated on a log of said Pizza Rolls.. :)

Bento turtle sandwich

Read after the jump to check how I did it :)

So What I did was just cut some squares out of cheese for the shell design and legs and used a bit of chocolate spread to act as glue for the squares... I also used a bit of chocolate cake from last night to use as an eye for the turtle. I just carved a head out of cheese with toothpicks as the cheese I used is pretty thin and easy to cut. :) Then as I said I placed it above some Pizza roll "Logs" and the bento is done :)

Here's a closer look on the turtle:

Bento turtle sandwich

Hope you like this!I'm finding bento making to be quite easy so far, but that's probably because I try to semi-prepare what I'll do for the next day and look over and over at other creative bentos in instagram :)

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