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Paume's Pastry House-Photo Fr. Zomato
Hello! After a hellish weekend, I'm back and refreshed! So here's another post for you guys- a Pesto Pasta haven in the south- Paume's Pastry House.

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Paume's; being a French Surname of the owner, has told us that it means "Palm". You know, like palm of your hand? And I myself think that  it's befitting as the pastries and such are made with the chef's hands anyways... The French theme can also be seen in the ambiance of the restaurant, very simplistic, rustic and yet elegant to the eyes.

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Yeah, I know that it's more focused on the pastry past but I got to taste most of their fare and all that I can say is I've found my first love with their Pesto with grilled chicken. It's got the perfect blend of herbs and the sauce is just oily enough, not too overwhelming. Plus the chicken is moist, the pasta al dente so what more can I ask for? :P

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Back to the tasting part, they also served us this salad that is a bit reminiscent of the taste of the said Chicken Pesto... :) Plus this has lots of cheese. YAY!

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They also serve sandwiches at Paume's and I got to get a taste of their Roast Beef Sandwich, and it's pretty good too. Especially if you're into those "litid" parts of the beef, and mustard. Plus points for being generous with the serving of meat. :) #MEATLOVER

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Another pasta that I got the privilege to taste was their Lasagna, which is quite generous on the meaty and cheesy part of the pasta, and the bread was pretty amazing too.

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If you're wanting for an oil- based pasta with a bit of kick, I suggest the Vongoli Olio, a clam-filled dish with a spicy oil-based sauce... BicoleƱos will love this pasta for sure. :)

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They also have Carbonara, which I feel has lots and lots of Parmesan cause it's kinda velvety in texture but just as creamy too... And the bacon is just superb. :)

For the cakes and pastries, my top 3 to taste dishes are the

paumes zomato-2060

    • Cheesecake- as you can tell that it wasn't scrimped upon the cream cheese and the blueberries are divine.

paumes zomato-2058

    • Eclair- This pastry is quite soft and melts in your mouth, which is the way I like my eclair.

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  • Brownies- Very chocolatey and yet not that sweet... hmm, more of a bittersweet thing to the taste. :)

They also serve great drinks for every tastebud, as they have:


This cutie pikachu, err, cat French Kiss Latte(served hot)

paumes zomato-2051

Salted Caramel Latte(served cold)

Mixed Berries Drink

paumes zomato-2054
Blue Lemonade(my drink, and just the way I love lemonade, more on the tart side :) )



Those are just a sampler as there are lots more that they serve in this restaurant. And what's more fabulous is that they have a children's corner where children can occupy themselves with puzzles and books. :) #FamilyFriendly

I'd give this a 4 out of 5 for the rating of the whole thing, including the price. :)

Paume's Pastry House

29 President's Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

(in front of Puregold President's Ave.)


Check them out on Zomato!


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