OOTD: Half and Half

Hi! Just got home from a health and wellness event with Phil Care, which I'll be sharing to you guys in detail in another post... For this one though, let's talk about clothes. :)

Half and half

This is what I wore to said event... I wanted to match up with the venue a bit as I very rarely eat around the high class restaurants around Greenbelt5 ...

Half and half

I love the pants that were given to me by my tita abroad (something preloved, by the way) as it's unique in my Jeans Collection... And now you see why I called this one Half and Half hehehe...

Half and half

I also used the abaca bag that I used in Solaire once, and the funny thing is that I realized it was a pair only when I got home and there was no more proper light to take a photo...

Till the next!

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  1. That's a unique pant! Both colors are easy to the eye. :)