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So what is the deal about the label of Waterproof, shockproof and any other proof that a gadget claims to be, what are the limits and how can you distinguish the different levels of the standard that is "Water Proof"?  And no, it is NOT the same as water resistant. Just like how different it is for you to leave your so called waterproof camera out in the rain for a little while and to actually submerge it in the pool for say around 20-30 minutes just to get that perfect under water shot.

Wow. All that talk of water that's trickling and I'm now wishing for the giant slides in Splash Mountain or #SlidefestPH... #Summer2015


Anyways, as to what I have researched in various trust worthy websites and tech magazines, I came to see what the labels on my waterproof speakers actually meant. As you can see, it is said that my speaker has a rating of IPX6 and the label waterproof on the cover. Now what does this code even mean?? And how can I be sure that it won't be broken when I drench it in the waters for say a couple of minutes? :3

IP in this case would mean "Ingress Protection", and the first number following the "IP" refers to it's degree of protection against dust and other solid foreign objects. The second number would be the indicator for the degree of protection against water...

And the X? Although it doesn't mark the treasure, it does act as a replacement when one has a water only rating. Which, incidentally, is how my speaker is labelled as.

So let's try it then.

As to my earlier example, my gadget has a dust rating of none, and a waterproof rating of 6. It would then be read as IPX6.

If say a gadget has a dust rating of 5 and a water rating of 6, it would be written on our manuals as IP56.

In the rare instance that the dust and water rating are the same (let’s say 6), you write it as IP6.

PS: The higher the number, the better the rating. ;)


Now that we have that covered, here's a list of how the IP standard for dust proofing works:

IP0X- This means it wasn't tested for any dust proofing abilities. hmmm.... Doesn't mean that it's not dust resistant, just means it wasn't tested. ;)

IP1X- IP2X - This one is tested and certified that it has protection against solid objects from the size of your 4 fingers to one- just not those tiny particles of dust. :P

IP3X- IP4X- You know those tiny tips of little screwdrivers(not the drinking kind) and tips of wires? That's the size that your gadget is capable of proofing against, but still those tiny dust particles can penetrate your gadget.


IP5X- IP6X- Ah... these labels suggest that your gadget is truly dust proof and in some cases, even dust tight. Those tiny dirty sandy particles of dust are no match for the armour your gadget has. :)

Now for your water resistance and proofing needs:

IPX0- You know that time you spilled juice all over your homework that you've written? Yeah, that's the same thing here.

IPX1-IPX2 - This will protect your device from some water drops falling VERTICALLY(fat chance of that happening in real life) and up to 15° respectively. So if your gadget hits 16° or more, sorry ka na lang. :P hahaha

IPX3-IPX4 - This time, your gadget is protected against spraying and splashing water. Doesn't mean that you should splash water onto it in a resort or a bath tub, it's just a precaution for those accidents waiting to happen.

IPX5- Water jets at a 360°angle for your gadget and it's still gonna live. Water gun na yan! :D

And that concludes the presentation for the Resistance. Next: Proofing!

IPX6- As for the protection my gadget has to offer, it guarantees itself safe from powerful water jets. Or that time when you drop your thingy in the toilet accidentally then you get it out ASAP... :P

IPX7- IPX8 - This time the guarantees is for a full water immersion of up to 3 feet and water submersion of over 3 feet respectively. The higher number also indicates that you can let it sit in the 4 -6 ft pool for up to around 30 minutes without any problems. :)

I'll update this for the shockproof part soon...

Hope that I helped you out one way or another. ;)


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