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Last week I had the chance to be included in PhilCare's 33rd Anniversary Festivites, and with it they launched their Online Shopping website for Healthcare services.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Philcare-2136 Philcare president and CEO Noemi Azura Explaining PhilCare's Advocacy[/caption]

Since online shopping is quite the norm these days due to convenience, PhilCare has joined the bandwagon to ensure an easier way to get accessible health care, through the launch of their new website, which lets Filipinos purchase prepaid health card in three simple steps:

Philcare 33rd anniversary

  1. Online purchase of cards

  2. Card gets delivered nationwide

  3. Hassle-free SMS activation of cards

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="427"]Philcare-2129 We did puzzles and the first to solve it is the winner. Sad that we didn't win but we sure had fun :)[/caption]

We had a few fun games for the first part of the program, and a raffle draw where one of us mommies won a trip for 2 to Palawan for a 3-day 2 night stay..


Talk about Wellness eh?! :)



The tea party was a blast too as we were served delicious food from Chateau 1771 and this Beef Salpicao over Carbonara which is just THE BOMB and I'm still trying to figure out the recipe for it hehehe...

Philcare 33rd anniversary

The health cards that were explained to us were the ER Vantage prepaid card, which is a one-time use emergency care leading to admission health card for individuals 6 months to 64 years old, which provides coverage of hospital emergency care leading to admission, up to the plan benefit limit for treatment of medical emergency cases due to accident or illness except for cases declared as non-coverable. They are shown in 3 plans, each with different limits such as ERVantage40, 60 and 80, each with benefit limits of 40,000 and ward room; 60,000 and semi-private room and 80,000 plus a private room. And you'll only be shelling out 900Php to 1300 Php per card, respectively.

They have another health card known as the HealthVantage prepaid card which is basically the same as the ERVantage card except for the part that it's reusable until the credit limit is burned up, plus a lot more benefits like:


  • No hospital deposit required

  • Allow use of special modalities of treatment which are medically necessary during ER and confinement and subject to standard inner limits

  • With Php 50,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage

  • With Php 10,000 life insurance coverage

I had a lot of fun and one realization during their afternoon tea party celebrations- Health is the one we should treasure the most next to our family and God. I mean, if you're not healthy or don't practice wellness then in one way or another, you'll be falling sick and in the process, failing your family cause you can't help out with a lot of things.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Philcare 33rd anniversary with mommy friends Millie of and Krystalline of[/caption]

Before I end this post, I would like to tell you a story concerning my second pregnancy with baby Rafael.. You see, I was into burgers and pancit canton and other salty stuff during my first and second trimester. I was pretty much still eating my veggies and following doctor's orders except for the fact that I also consume a lot of salty food.

Come the start of the third, I incurred a back pain the day before I had a raging fever, temperature up to 40.3 deg. Celsius... I also vomited and fainted during the same night. Turns out I had some sort of bacterial infection in my kidney, something that happened when I didn't notice that I had UTI, and said bacteria creeped up to my kidneys to wreak havoc. It was an emergency situation and I incurred bills from 2 hospitals as I got transferred, cause the first hospital didn't have the proper equipment to check out the bacterial infection happening. The bills got up to 50,000 Php, and the sad part is that said money is what I was gonna use when I deliver my baby. I mean, how can you try to save up enough within 2 months on a minimum wage earn?

Looking back, I wish I had known of PhilCare, and had availed of the ERVantage card that they had, or maybe even the HealthVantage card that could've helped me and pichi with the expenses.


There really is no better treasure than Helath and Wellness. Well, that and being prepared for an Emergency :3 Philcare ‘s mission of being responsive to their market while ensuring cost and service efficiency has brought health care closer to Filipinos and reaching a wider customer network through their new website. Visit to shop online for health care sources ;)




  1. Very helpful! It's my first time reading about their prepaid health cards and I guess it's the first in the country to have that kind of service. If I understand it correctly, you just pay a minimal fee for the card and you get those as prepaid benefits, right? Really innovative, affordable, and convenient!

  2. Lol I thought they opened an online drugstore or something.

  3. Those prepaid health cards are really helpful for freelancers. I know for a fact how important having those health insurance plans (via HMOs) can be. I was able to use it during prenatal checkups and when my daughter was hospitalized once. I also even got a pricey test for free because of it.

  4. Nice to have met you at the event mommy. Till next!

  5. mrsmartinezsweetie2 July 2015 at 11:56

    Health is wealth. This is a good investment.


  6. Health is really important these days. As moms, we must ensure that we are in our healthiest state for our family. Good to learn about this. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Is the prepaid card one time use only? This one is good to those who cannot avail the health card for a one time payment

  8. The ERVantage is for one time use, The Health vantage card is multi use until the credit is gone or it expires(this can last for a year after registration).

  9. Its nice to know Philcare now joins the bandwagon. They're making health insurance availment easier.

  10. yeah it's really important to have a health card or something. we have one but it doesn't cover pregnancies or any ailment during pregnancy. i just saw a health care that covers elderly people. i'm thinking of getting one for my folks.

  11. I love the idea of prepaid cards for Philcare! This will definitely be of much advantage for my mom, who I cannot add to my existing HMO plan. Thanks for sharing!

  12. health can really be very costly here in our country, that is why this affordable health packages from Philcare are a god-send. Every mum ought to have one, especially those of us who are staying at home or working as freelancers.

  13. Prepaid health cards... how cool is that?! :) This is nice to know. Health is very important and is something that we should not take for granted. I am also blessed that our company provides health cards with very reliable package. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing this information with us! Indeed, health and wellness should be everyone's priority, especially now that Philcare is here.

    Btw, I love the 3D 2N trip for two to Palawan! The one who won the raffle is just very lucky! :)

  15. I have encountered several offers to purchase prepaid health and wellness cards but I haven't seriously studied the packages, benefits and advantages of having one for our family. Thanks for sharing this. Maybe I should take a look at Philcare's package one of these days. Ingats and hope to see you at future events.

  16. Thanks for sharing this Nicole. I didn't know we have this kind of health insurance here in the Philippines. This is very beneficial for WAHMs since most of us really don't have health benefits coz we're technically not employed. It's like an emergency fund. :)

  17. I'm so glad I came across your post! I'm honestly checking out their website after this because we need one for our family. We haven't gotten a chance to really get a health plan for the family. I think this will be a good start!

  18. Will check out their prepaid health cards! Currently I don't have a health insurance card so this is GREAT news! :)

  19. Very helpful plan for work at home moms like me. I'm checking this out now.

  20. […] myself, unlike before where I had to be assured that either a lifeguard or my husband will be there in case of emergencies. (preferably the latter though.😉 […]

  21. […] myself, unlike before where I had to be assured that either a lifeguard or my husband will be there in case of emergencies. (preferably the latter though.😉 […]