Bento Baon Day 2: Ham and Cheese Bears| Mommy Madness

Here I go again with the bento making thing.. :) Here's my kid's baon last Friday...


I made a couple bears, but I think it became a little bit closer to Piglet and Pooh bear, cause of the shape of the smaller sandwich... Or maybe the smile just reminds me of Piglet in some way.. hehe..

Read on to know how I did it :)

Anyways, for this bento charaben I mostly used my knife and sliced the bread and the ham and cheese inside to the shape of a bear face... Plus I used the corners of the bread and corners of the ham and cheese to make the ears. For the eyes I used one of my kid's toys that is shaped as a very little circle, and a strip of cheese for the face.I also sliced the hotdogs in a certain way for the flowers and added the same cheese and ham shapes that I used for the eyes to make the center of the flowers.


The hands I cut up like those octupus hotdogs that I see in other sites..  And there we go! Hope you liked this post :)

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