Fun Activities to Reduce Stress at Home

Need a way to relax? Or maybe an activity that you can enjoy with the kids? We especially need something to keep us stress-free that we can do at home nowadays. It's even better if we get to do these activities for no cost! Especially with everything that is happening, we really need a way to stay sane and keep our mind off things.

playing games

Here's a list of activities that you can do to relax, have fun, stay creative, and keep the mind sharp. 

Doing arts, cooking or playing free online games, I know that bonding with our kids will help them to remember these fun times and have something to look back to in the future. 

Play Online Games

Playing online games is not a bad thing. It can help to de-stress, and keep your mind sharp while having a bit of fun. Since playing games needs more participation from the player, it is a better activity vs watching videos for our kids too.

Here are some of the free online games that my kids and I love to play. These are convenient cause they don't take up too much memory and are for free:


How to relax and have fun

Wordscapes is nice because your vocabulary is stretched to its limit. The game gives you a random set of letters, and you'll have to connect the letters to make a word. There's also an element of challenge, especially when you do the daily puzzles. For those, you'll need to guess the right word at the right time, or you won't get to max out your coin winnings.

Random Games

I say random because this is actually a library of games! You can play against the computer or play with a friend because it has multiplayer games. 


How to relax and have fun

My husband and our kids loved to play Foosball, which is a virtual version of the foosball table. They can get competitive and the way they played this game, I would say that it is a nice way to let all the extra energy out. Games like this can also trigger our kid's imaginations, and make them feel like they are outside, actually playing soccer.

How to relax and have fun

Strike Ultimate Bowling

How to relax and have fun How to relax and have fun

Strike Ultimate Bowling is a two player bowling game that brings up the nostalgia, since you can choose to be about a dozen different cartoon characters and play vs friends and family. Much like Foosball above, it can bring out your competitive side. This is also a great way to introduce kids to bowling, especially since we still can't go to our local bowling alley yet.

Tic Tac Toe 4 Player

 Screenshot_20210807-154126_Chrome Screenshot_20210807-154139_Chrome

As a family, we also loved doing Tic Tac Toe 4 Player. This one is extra fun since everyone is involved. And the fact that you not only strategize how to beat one, but up to three opponents. That makes the game more interesting. You play on a set of boards, depending on how many players there are and as always, first to complete a 3 part line wins.

Star Wars X-Wing

How to relax and have fun

I also loved playing Star Wars X-Wing, a flying shooter game. Kinda reminded me of Space impact. You know, that one shooter game that 90's babies loved to play over on our old phones. You strike the opponents on air, and there are giant boss fights that you have to win, before the health of your ship deteriorates. It is as exciting and nostalgic. Plus points if you're a Star Wars fan too!

How to relax and have fun


This one feels much like a virtual building blocks, where you can create just about anything. It is also a highly encouraged way to do game-based learning from many experts. You can set up scenarios or challenges and amazing mazes too! If you want to give kids quality time while learning, you can play Minecraft with them.

Cook or bake and create

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Miss dining out? Or you just want to relieve the extra tension from your body? You can solve that with cooking and baking! There are a lot of tutorials for no-knead bread, or those that just needs 5 minutes to do so. Kneading the dough can give you an outlet for the aggression or the stress, plus you get something yummy out of it later. Doing this or cooking with the kids can make it into a happy family bonding experience too!

If you are feeling confused about what to do, check out this list, and start going down it until you find activities that will let you de-stress. It’s important to make sure we do everything we can do to get our mind off the bad things, and making something or having fun with the family is a nice way to pass the time.

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