Get these Chic Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Baby Silver Transition Eyewear at 85% off

It is such a hassle to try and look for our reading/indoor glasses, and our sunglasses when we need to go out for errands. If you wear glasses like me, you know the struggles of trying to look for your glasses when you're gonna drive, and the instant panic that comes after knowing that you brought the wrong ones.

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The best way to keep things hassle-free is to get transition glasses. You know, the ones that get darker when you go out, and stay crystal clear when you're indoors. They might be a bit pricey when you get something with a high grade, but if you've got great vision and just want the benefits like protection from Blue Light of our screens to harmful UV light rays, Peculiar Eyewear is the best bet for you!

This Peculiar x Ces Style CLASSY BABY Square SILVER Peculiar Photochromic Transition PRO Lens is designed to keep up with your lifestyle.

It provides the best visual performance both indoors and outdoors. 

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The style is really chic and versatile. The square-ish frames is perfect for work or play or whatever OOTD you're wearing. The gold detailing on the frame, plus the translucent rubber-like design on the sides really gives it that extra sense of character. Like a modern take on something retro.

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It also gives you the benefits of SafeShield and BlueShield Peculiar Lens. The Peculiar Transitions/Photochromic lenses with anti-radiation and blue light technology can be worn all day every day, just like any normal glasses. This is perfect for people who regularly interchange eyewear from indoors to outdoors.

The Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Baby Silver Transition PRO Anti-radiation Eyewear originally costs Php 7,390 but it’s now up for grabs for only Php 1,589!

You're getting a protective hard case, a free velvet-ish soft case, a creative box that's cute and artsy, a microfiber wipe for your lens, and a harmful light tester. The light tester lets you double check the lens quality.

Peculiar Eyewear is on sale right now for up to 85% off via Shopee! Expect more awesome deals as we near the  8.8 Mega Flash Sale. You can check out the wide selection of Peculiar eyewear via their Official Flagship Shop at Shopee Mall.

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For those who are not yet familiar with the app, you can download it via App Store or Google Play or place orders via browser at

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