Rapoo X260 Keyboard and Mouse Review : Get it for Around 1000 Php!

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Keyboards going wireless is for the better. Them being affordable and cute on top of that is a big bonus for me. I just hate the clutter of wires, and going wireless is one of the better options, especially if your office or work area is going for a more minimalist feel. 

If you're looking for an affordable wireless keyboard for home, office or school work, then the Rapoo X260 might just be the keyboard for your needs. I've been using this for around two weeks already and here are my thoughts.

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The Rapoo x260 is a wireless optical mouse and keyboaard set that is suited for people who like to plug and play.  All you need to do is plug in the nano reciever and start typing or clicking on your keyboard or mouse away from your desk.  I like to use it on days where I don't feel like using the mini glass keyboard of my Yogabook. 

Its main feature is the aesthetic retro round keycaps, and the mouse that complements it.

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This works with a transmission of 2.4G, and the keyboard has a numpad attached, much like your usual keyboard, although there is no indicator if you have already switched the numlock or not. The retro key caps are cute and also great for typing. The roundness and semi soft keys does take some time to get used to but once you got the hang of it then it's such a dream to work with this keyboard. 


The mouse has an optical engine with an on and off switch and three buttons. Accuracy is great for scrolling and even working on photoshop. The feel of the mouse is light, and you only need a little touch to get clicks happening. The buttons are not too silent. 

Full Specs:


  • Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
  • Number of keys: 104 keys
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Battery life: about 12 months
  • Product size: 447*131*31mm
  • Product weight: about 492g


  • Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
  • Working method: optical engine
  • Resolution: 1300DPI
  • Button: left button, middle button, right button
  • Wheel direction: two-way
  • Ergonomics: left and right hands
  • Maximum tracking speed: 30inch/s
  • Maximum acceleration: 10G
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Product size: 113*64*30mm
  • Product weight: about 59g

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It has three colors you can choose from, black white and pink. I am leaning towards the white one, but I got pink because my daughter is the one who will be using it more for her online classes. It is a nice way to get her to enjoy typing and doing school work.

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Price of the Rapoo X260

The best part about everything is that you can get this for only 1095 Php. 

Rapoo tech items such as these or  their gaming keyboards and mouse can be purchased at Complex Computer Center, Complink Marketing, PCD Software Technology, Inc., Shiritori Ventures, Inc., Gemtech Electronics Specialized Goods Trading.

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Bottomline for  the Rapoo X260

The Rapoo X260 is an attractive, lightweight, wireless keyboard that would be perfect for home or work use. Add the minimalist aesthetics and the affordable price, then this is a great set to use. 

If you're a gamer, you would be interested to know that Rapoo is also continiuing its support for the gaming industry. 

It is currently participating in the Philips Gaming Monitors Community Shield which is a community based Valorant tournament. This tournament is geared to casters and streamers who are not professional esports athletes and not signed to any team. The casters & streamers cup champion will be getting Philips Gaming Monitors 242MB and Red Bull Packs, T-Force Fash Drives and Rapoo products. The last leg will be on August 26, 2021. This is open to all amateur teams, student teams as long as the team has not participated in any major tournaments or signed by a major brand. 

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  1. Wow I love this wireless keyboard It has best and amazing features good for online class work from home and even for gaming purposes. It is also hassle free and convenient to use.