Family Fun at Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales

Our kids have definitely experienced that cabin fever for the past couple of years. Which is why we went on an overnight trip to Subic just before the year ended. The itinerary? Tigers at Zoobic safari and Subic beach, of course!

Zoobic Safari

We started out our roadtrip by traveling up north to Zoobic Safari. It is one of the bigger zoos we have, at around 25 hectares wide, and is home to hundreds of species of animals from all over the world. What sets it apart is that it is the country’s first and only tiger safari where you can interact with tigers up close through a safari tour.

They changed their set up from previous trips though, as now you are encouraged to drive around the area with your own car, instead of them offering their free tram ride to get to each part of the park. This is part of their safety measures and I personally am liking it.

We got our tickets on the day, at the regular price of:
P695 Adult
P595 Kids 4ft and below

I do know that if you use YOGO and book in advance you would be able to score around 40% discount. Get 5 tickets for only 1,690 Php instead of 3,745 Php 

The whole trip was a spur-of-the-moment thing though, which is why we settled for a walk-in price and no discounts. 

Zoobic Safari Attractions

You'd find 15 attractions in the zoo, but some of them were closed when we went in. We were able to go to the major areas though, like:

Zoobic Park and Aeta's Trail

We bought feeding baskets for the animals and toured around Zoobic Park. It is a petting zoo filled with different types of wild and domesticated animals. Here you’ll find deer, ostriches, albino caribous, monkeys, eagles, horses and so much more. It is connected to the Aeta's Trail, where you would usually find a show or two of the history of Aetas and their cultural dances, but for this tour there was none. 


While there was no Harry Potter and Parseltounge moment happening, this is one cool place to check out Slytherin's favorite reptiles. The Serpentarium is home to a wide range of cold-blooded creatures from lizards, iguanas to boa constrictors that we can all see in real time! 

Croco Loco 

I've always loved this part of the Zoobic Safari, usually because it is pretty thrilling when you feed them chickens. You'd see the crocs as something that is very steady and unmoving, but once they smell that chicken on your bait... OMG they're all active! And they definitely want a piece of that yummy chicken meat! 

We paid around 50 Php for every pole with chicken for feeding them.

Lion Close Encounter

We also saw the king of the jungle up close in their own sleep and rest area. The kiddos were thrilled, and they can't stop talking about the Lion King movie afterward. They also offered a feeding activity with the lions, which my daughter was pretty much excited for. I did find it a bit sad that the lions were inside their cages and I wondered if they were able to go out and stretch their legs too like the tigers. 

If I'm not mistaken, the feeding was around 50 Php too.

Tiger Safari Ride 

Riding in a Jeep with fenced doors and windows, the Tiger Safari Ride definitely will give you and your child Jurrasic Park vibes but with all the fun and safety included. This is the main attraction of the zoo, where we can see tigers in their natural habitat. Some you'd see to be swimming in their lake and if you come before lunchtime, you can definitely try out feeding the tigers too. That part is definitely adrenaline inducing as the tigers will be extra close! This may very well be the closest thing to a real animal Jungle safari that's safe to walk around in Luzon.

A dressed chicken for the tiger feeding costs 200 Php. We were not able to do that as the tigers have just finished lunch when we went.

Animal Show 

The Zoobic Safari Animal Show has 3 or 4 scheduled times throughout the day. The show centers around biodiversity and doing our part in taking care of the planet so the animals still have a proper habitat to live in. Lucky guests get to be a part of the show, and interact with the snakes and other animals. This is a perfect activity to do after lunch if you want to take a breather before going to the next attraction.

Sky Safari 

We were waiting for the Animal Show to start, and right on top of the seats for the show was their Ziplining adventure, Sky Safari. My kids and I are always up for a great thrill and adventure. So we definitely did this one. There were two parts to the zipline, which will have you going back to where you began. It was a thrill, and more for me because I was just holding my go pro for dear life at around 40 ft high, and it didn't even have straps LOL. I was scared that I might drop and break it HAHAHA

A ride costs 300 Php per person for this one.

Lunch at Zoobic Safari

You can easily grab lunch for an estimate of 350 Php per meal at their restaurant near the entrance of Zoobic Park, beside the place for the Animal Show. A bit on the high side in my opinion but we definitely enjoyed our lunch as they featured home-cooked meals.

If you're thinking of going on a family trip too, I really suggest doing road trips instead of plane rides as you can control your social bubble better. Safer too for our current times.

Zoobic Safari also takes guests health and safety into consideration by letting them roam around via their own private vehicles. You can optionally get a tour guide, just mention it in advance with the admin before you go to Zoobic Safari.

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